Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tiramisu - The eternal Italian desert

This is an absolutely heavenly treat. Chances are that you would more than agree with me,if you have tasted this and if you have never tasted this, then here's a recipe that you could try it. This post is dedicated to my cousin ,Pam, who is a big fan of Tiramisu. Pam,I hope you like this :)

8 oz,Mascarpone cheese
4 tbsp, Powdered Sugar
Instant coffee powder,about 2 spoons
1 cup heavy whipped cream
Cocoa Powder(unsweetened),for dusting/serving
Water for making coffee,about 1-1.5 cups
1 packet,lady finger biscuits (image at the side)
2-3 tbsp of Rum(optional)

Boil some water and dissolve the coffee powder in it(no milk). Let it cool to room temperature. Add rum now,if using.
In the meanwhile, take a mixing bowl, stir together the Cheese and 2 tbsp of sugar. Add a little of the coffee into this,about 3 tbsp. Now, fold in the Whipping cream and additional 2 tbsp of sugar.Mix well. You may use an electric mixer for a faster process. If you are using hand,then will take you about 4-5 mins to get the mixure completely blended.
Next,arrange half the packet of the lady fingers on your kitchen platform. Take a bowl/baking dish or any casserole where two layers of the ladyfingers can fit in as seen in the picture. Carefully, dip the ladyfingers into the coffee and keep it in a dish one next to another.

Note: Do not dip the fingers in coffee for too long, you need to dip just for a second ,otherwise they will fall apart.

Apply an even layer of the cheese and cream mix to this. Dust some cocoa on top of this layer. Use a sifter for doing so.
Next,place another layer of coffee dipped lady fingers and again apply another layer of cream and cheese followed by sifting cocoa.
Cover and refrigerate(NOT FREEZE) for 3-4 hours. Overnight refrigeration would be great.

Tiramisu is now ready to serve. Sprinkle a little more of cocoa and sugar,when you serve.